Sunday, March 8, 2015

Walking to Nowhere

So...I've written while in every position and every location. Did you know that? I wrote Matchpoint (the second Matchmaker book) while lying in bed, recovering from surgery with the laptop propped on a pillow next to me, and I typed with one finger. I've written in Starbucks, like a million other writers, and even at my desk! But now I have a treadmill desk, which is pretty good, a scary, I-don't-want-to-exercise kind of way. If I write standing up, I don't get pain in my shoulders and neck. Have you tried using a treadmill desk? They say that sitting is deadly, which is counter-intuitive, right?

The treadmill desk...either the best invention ever or the worst invention ever. Can you see all of my inspiring notes on the wall? There's a list of "gags" there for books...

1 comment:

Lisa Kessler said...

Oh I need to try one of those! :)

But I have a hard time walking and chewing gun so I'm not sure I could write and walk... I'd like to try though! LOL

Have fun!

Lisa :)