Thursday, June 9, 2016

Get Rich! Get Thin!

How's that for click bait? Actually, I have no idea how to make you rich or thin...

But wait a second! I DO know how to entertain you!

A bear singing is fabulous, but I have something even better! You can now pre-order the first novella in the Five More Wishes series!!!!

Are you blown away by the great news? That's perfect because the first novella is titled, BLOWN AWAY!


And in case you want to know what it's about....

Journalist Millie Mossberg has four positive pregnancy tests in her purse. Four. The problem is that Cade Reed, her aggravating—and crazy hot—colleague is the father-to-be of this secret baby. She’s got to tell him about the bun in her oven, but she’s still wishing that the pregnancy tests were duds. While they cover a story about a deposed dictator, they’re trapped in a runaway hot air balloon. Will they plummet to their death? Will these friends turned lovers admit their love for each other? And most importantly, will they figure out how to have sex in a balloon basket?

Blown Away is the hot and hilarious first novella in the Five More Wishes series. Each novella is roughly 100 pages with NO cliffhanger.


Monday, November 9, 2015

Moving and Shaking

Hello. Hello. I may be sitting at my computer all day and night, but I have a lot moving and shaking right now.

Writing. Writing. Writing.

I've been in my writer's cave for so long. I'm working on the book that won't end. But I think you're really going to enjoy it. It's the last book in the Voodoo series with Stephanie Bond. Do people die? Why, yes they do. Is there love, laughs, and mystery? Why, yes there is! I aim to please. But meanwhile, I hear there's a world out there, and I really should shave my legs. Ah, the life of a glamorous writer!

Lights! Camera! Action!

Speaking of the life of a glamorous writer, please check out my interview on Authors on the Air tonight with Pam Stack. 6pm PST / 9pm EST. I will talking for an hour, and she's taking calls. So, please call and ask me anything.

THIS IS A LIVE BROADCAST - join us by calling 347-633-9609. This LINK is LIVE at 9pm ET. / 6pm PT.

Matchmaker Goodness!

And more good news! Random House has decided to put out the first three books in my Matchmaker series in a decent-priced bundle. Very exciting. If you haven't gotten a chance to read these, I can't recommend them enough. I mean, they're awesome...And I'm being totally objective, of course. So, grab it while it's hot, hot, hot!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Come Bite Me

Come and Bite Me

Hello and happy October! To celebrate lower temperatures—Finally!—I thought I would put BOUNTY on sale for 99-cents. Bounty was a labor of love for me. The hero Brodie is my dream man. Bounty is a funny, sexy adventure, and I hope you enjoy it. 

Get your copy today:

Here’s a little taste…

“I want to taste you.”
               “You want to what?” He bent his head down and grazed his lips over the side of my neck. My eyes rolled back in my head, and I tried to grasp onto any strings of sanity I could find. His lips were warm and softer than I had imagined, and wherever they touched, a tiny jolt of electricity went through me.
               Oops. This wasn’t a good thing, I reminded myself. He wasn’t a good man, and he wasn’t good for me.
               “This can’t happen,” I moaned.
               “No, of course not. I agree, wholeheartedly. You are trouble. I knew it the first time I saw you.” He moved to the spot just below my ear and made long, liquid strokes with his lips.
               “Me? You’re the trouble. I knew it the first time I saw you. Besides, you drugged me and kidnapped me,” I said. My head flopped to one side, giving him better access to my neck.
               “That was just part of the job.” His tongue followed his lips, licking my earlobe and down my neck. I gasped and rose onto my tiptoes.
                “You threatened me and Tased me,” I reminded him after a while.
               “I didn’t want to Tase you. That was unfortunate.” He put his arms around me and pulled me close.
“You sold me to a Chechen warlord and left me there to rot.” My breasts pushed against his chest. The terry cloth robe was all that stood between us. My nipples grew hard with the friction.
“I was going to slip you out that night. No harm. No foul.”
“Oh, that’s true. I forgot.” At least I hoped it was true. I felt his hardness against my belly. I moaned. The sound seemed to spur him on. He slipped his thigh between my legs, and I leaned against it.
               “You slapped me,” I said. I was on fire. It dried my wet skin from the bath, but it made me wet between my legs. I felt my insides melt. I reached up and parted his robe and caressed his chest.
               “I have to admit,” he said, hoarsely. “I sort of enjoyed the slapping. Later, I’ll let you slap me back.”
               My arms slipped around him and rested on his buttocks. He bucked forward a little and groaned.
               “And you bit me,” I said.
               “No, Princess. There you have it wrong. You bit me. Come and bite me again.”

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Poor Gladie!

The next Matchmaker book (book #4, now titled PLAYING THE FIELD) is coming July 28! I'm working hard to torture Gladie and make you a really fun book. Here's a little sneak peek  of Gladie's troubles. Poor Gladie. Why is life so hard for her? Oh, I know! It's because I make her life so hard. I'm an evil author. :) Enjoy!

She looked at the resume a couple of seconds and then looked back up at me. “Your resume is twenty-three pages long.”
“That’s good, right?”
She riffled through the pages. “There’s over a hundred jobs here in less than two-year period.”
I bit a nail. “That many? Are you sure?”
“I know how to count, Miss Burger.”
“You could say that I have a lot skills and talents.” Or that I got fired a lot.
She squinted and pointed her pen at me. “Aren’t you the woman that Walley’s is suing?”
“No. PETA is suing Walley’s because of me. I can see how you got that confused.”
“The snake, right?”
“Who ever heard of an assistance snake?” I laughed, but she wasn’t laughing with me. She was still squinting and shaking the pen at my face.
“And the head, right? You did something with a severed head?”
“I thought it was a lobster,” I squeaked.
“Holy crap! You’re the woman who drove through Ruth Fletcher’s tea shop!”
“It wasn’t me! I wasn’t driving!”
“I know exactly who you are, now. You’re Zelda’s granddaughter. You find the dead people.”
“Well…” I started. “If you want to get technical.”
She handed my resume back to me. “Sorry. I can’t find you a job. My liability insurance won’t cover you. You’re a disaster.”
She stood and put her hand out. I stood and shook it. “Disaster is a little harsh,” I said. “I’m very good with data entry. And I got very few complaints as a seating hostess at Denny’s. Four or five, tops.”
She pushed me toward the door. “You should probably leave before you burn down my office.”
“I resent that. I’ve never burned down an employment office.” She pushed me harder and opened the door for me, waving me outside. “I’m not bad with food. I could be some kind of taster.”
She leaned in and got in my face. “Listen young lady, nobody will ever hire you in this town. Do you understand me? One whiff of your trouble-making, and they’ll head for the hills. You’re the jinx of minimum wage jobs. You get me?”
“I’m happy to work for more than minimum wage,” I offered. But it was too late. She closed the door on me and locked it to make sure my bad luck self couldn’t infect her employment files.

What was I going to do? I had worked every job in America. I had run into a brick wall. And not just the one I ran into when I was a chauffeur in Los Angeles for three days. This was an employment brick wall. I was persona non grata for anything with a paycheck. I was doomed.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Mad Women

I loved last night's Mad Men episode with Joan and her troubles at her new job--sexual harassment, regular harassment, and them not valuing her at all because she's a woman. I related so much. When I first started out in television reporting, my boss thought I should only report on "women's issues." So, interviewing heads of state? No. Interviewing opera singers? Yes. That eventually changed, but it took a while. How about you? Have you been treated badly at work because you're a woman?

Saturday, April 18, 2015

My Life As A Writer

Just wanted to let you know that as I write nonstop today, I ate leftover meatloaf for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I wonder if Nora Roberts eats meatloaf when she's writing...

Friday, April 17, 2015

Voodoo! (Don't be scared) Sneak Peek

You might be aware that I'm writing a book with Stephanie Bond. Oh! Let me write that again...I'm writing a book with Stephanie Bond. I love to say that because I'm a huge fan of hers and so excited to be working with her. She's a fantastic writer and a really nice person (in case you were wondering). Anyway, it's great to be in a mystery, again. Whodunit? I know. In fact, I always know before I start a book. But I'm not going to tell you!

Sneak Peek:

Sheena grabbed Nathaniel by the front of his shirt with both of her hands and pulled him close. “Listen, buttinski, I’ve had a really bad week. I’m this close to cracking up. Do you hear me? I need to disappear this body and clean up my place so I can get on with my life. I have no intention of going to jail, going out of business, losing the movie contract, losing my house, and, and, and, and! Do you get it? Are we on the same page?”
“You’re getting burned corpse flesh on my shirt.”

Sheena dropped her hands and gave him her prettiest smile. “Be a pal, sugar and help a girl out.”