Friday, March 6, 2015

Leave a Light On For Me

"Where do you come up with your ideas?" I get that question a lot, and I usually reply that the ideas are easy but it's the writing that's hard. And it's true. Writing is really's like running a marathon uphill in the dark in a war zone. Well, maybe it's not that hard. But it's hard! But my mind is overflowing with ideas. Luckily, instead of being locked away as a mental patient, I write books, instead and the let the ideas out of my crowded mind. Where do these ideas come from? Anywhere and everywhere. I'm a big people-watcher, even if I spend most of my time alone at my computer. But just about everything sparks an idea for a story. The latest that's got me going are the lights on that distant dwarf planet, Ceres. Have you heard about it? There are two mysterious lights on, and no one knows why. In my house, it's always my teenage sons who leave the lights on, but I'm not sure there are any teenage boys on Ceres. Or are there???? Ah, another story!

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